Wednesday, September 27 2017

After a week of epic sweeps and clutch plays, Week 3 of Pro League is in the books.

Wednesday, September 27 2017

Read on for more information about Halo Team Passes for this October’s 4v4 Open Bracket Tournament!

Wednesday, September 27 2017

In this week’s Match of the Week, every team fought hard to finish out the week strong before the break, but Team EnVyUs were the only team to emerge undefeated.

Wednesday, September 27 2017

In Week 1 of the HCS Pro League, each team fought to make a strong start this season, but only two teams were able to remain undefeated.

Monday, September 25 2017

Rosters have locked and the top North American teams prepare for another season of the HCS Pro League

Friday, August 11 2017

After an incredible run in the Summer 2017 Pro League, Splyce have come out of DreamHack Atlanta as the number one team this season.

Friday, August 11 2017

Another fantastic day of intense matchups and clutch plays as the action continued in Day 2 of the Halo Championship Series: Pro League Summer 2017 Finals at DreamHack Atlanta.

Friday, August 11 2017

A record number of 81 amateur and 12 Pro League teams showed up for the HCS Summer Season Finals.

Friday, August 11 2017

Check the times to be sure to register and check-in on time for the FFA!

Friday, August 11 2017

Read on for more information about the Open Bracket format and map rotations

Friday, August 11 2017

We’re less than 24 hours away from DreamHack Atlanta 2017, where the top six NA and top four EU teams will face off in an epic three-day tournament.

Friday, June 23 2017

As the HCS Pro League regular season comes to a close, no teams remain undefeated and rivalries grow stronger with DreamHack Atlanta looming.

Tuesday, June 20 2017

As we approach the middle of the Summer 2017 season, Splyce and OpTic remain undefeated, but Liquid are not too far behind.

Tuesday, June 20 2017

Evil Geniuses prove to be a threat after the second week of the NA HCS Pro League

Friday, May 26 2017

Summer season starts strong with awesome sweeps, clutch plays, and heated rivalries

Wednesday, May 24 2017

Get ready for another amazing year of Halo esports, brought to you in part by ASTRO Gaming!

Tuesday, May 23 2017

After an impressive weekend of Halo at the LCQ, the final teams for HCS Summer 2017 have been decided.

Friday, May 19 2017

It's not too late to register for the HCS Pro League North American Open Qualifiers

Friday, May 19 2017

Get to know your North American pros for the upcoming Summer 2017 Season

Friday, May 19 2017

Updates on the European HCS Pro League, last chance qualifiers, and more!

Friday, May 19 2017

The HCS Pro League is back with weekly matches, open tournaments, international LANs, and more!

Tuesday, December 13 2016

The Fall 2016 Season champions were crowned amidst reverse sweeps, bracket resets, and plenty of Game 7's

Tuesday, December 13 2016

Both teams hold onto their HCS Pro League spots for the upcoming 2017 season

Saturday, December 10 2016

Get ready for another year of the HCS Pro League and more chances for amateur teams to get in on the action

Friday, December 09 2016

Heinz reflects on his 2016 HCS Pro League journey and the recent success of Str8 Rippin

Thursday, December 08 2016

A closer look at the four teams on a collision course for Burbank

Tuesday, December 06 2016

Four teams head into Relegation with their futures in the HCS Pro League on the line

Saturday, December 03 2016

Everything you need to know before the conclusion of the North American Fall 2016 season!

Wednesday, November 30 2016

Team EnVyUs, OpTic Gaming, Team Liquid, and Str8 Rippin are headed to Burbank

Tuesday, November 22 2016

As the regular play of the EU HCS Pro League comes to a close, we recap the final week and take a look at how it all concluded

Tuesday, November 08 2016

Luminosity seek to hold off Str8 Rippin and Enimga6 while top teams fight for seeding

Friday, November 04 2016

Str8 Rippin debuts with a win and teams fight for top four in Week 6 of the NA HCS Pro League

Friday, October 28 2016

As the end of the season looms near, teams fight to make a move to the Fall Finals

Saturday, October 22 2016

The HCS Pro League returned in full force in Week 4, which included yet another win for the surging LOL roster

Friday, October 21 2016

Watch the North American Fall 2016 Finals live from the ESL Studios in Burbank California

Thursday, October 20 2016

Ahead of Week 4, we dive back into the HCS Pro League with a refresher on how we got here

Wednesday, October 19 2016

The unstoppable Fab squad was taken down by the ever-hungry Infused as we inch closer to the end of regular play. Week 3 was one of the wildest weeks in European Pro League so far with upsets, close series and straight up sweeps.

Wednesday, October 19 2016

We break down everything you need to know about the roster changes that took place mid-season

Tuesday, October 11 2016

After two weeks of the European HCS Pro League, the Summer Season champions hold a 4-0 match record.

Friday, September 30 2016

LOL gets the last laugh as they sweep twice

Saturday, September 24 2016

Team EnVyUs, OpTic Gaming, and Evil Geniuses are tied for first as the LOL squad struggles.

Wednesday, September 21 2016

Following the violation of rules stated in the HCS Pro League player handbook, Enigma6 players will have prize money reduced

Friday, September 16 2016

Week 1 of the NA HCS Pro League set the stage for an action-packed fall

Wednesday, September 14 2016

Due to circumstances outside of our control we regretfully announce the postponement of this week’s EU HCS Pro League. The decision was made after consultation with individual players and teams within the league who identified a regional network issue which may affect both performance and integrity.

Saturday, August 27 2016

The HCS Pro League Fall 2016 Season will be full of fan favorites and fresh faces

Thursday, August 25 2016

Only Pulse remain the same after the domino effect of roster swaps. Get to know the European Fall 2016 Season teams.

Monday, August 22 2016

The top European and North American teams will begin their Fall Season journey on September 14

Friday, August 12 2016

Bubu Dubu’s first vlog, an inside look at OpTic Gaming, Lethul’s soccer fail, and more!

Monday, August 01 2016

Counter Logic Gaming dominate the North American Halo Championship Series: Pro League Summer Season Finals

Monday, August 01 2016

Open Circuit frontrunners Denial eSports put up a good fight, but in the end it was the HCS Pro League teams who advanced to the upcoming fall season.