Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate?

We have an own section for that! Go, have a look, it's easy!

How does the Challenger Tournament work? What are the rules?

There's a comprehensive FAQ on ESL Play in the Hearthstone section, go check it out!

Can anyone from around the world participate?

Yes, but you need to a have a North Amercia Hearthstone Account. Hearthstone has a few regional servers. Playing in your server provides better connection and game experience, but at the moment, a lot of players play across the world. The top players have accounts on NA/EU/Asia.

What is "side boarding"?

When players enter a match, the client allows them to play with up to 9 pre-made decks. Only these decks may be used in the match. However, if a player cancels the challenge, they then have the ability to alter his/her decks, which can provide an unfair advantage. Thus, sideboarding is not allowed in most tournament settings.