Week 4 Groups Announced
As the last match day before Redemption and Last Chance approaches with our fourth LAN final spot to be rewarded to the victor. Be sure not to miss this explosive week as all our competitors will be sure to pull out all the stops.

After surviving the battle royale of the Challenger cup our top 6 players have emerged supreme and are here this weekend to show they deserve to stand with 2 of the most recognizable players in Hearthstone and fight for their place in the Season 2 LAN finals and this weeks $1,500 USD Purse.



These amazing players will meet on Saturday from 1pm Pacific and duke it out in their given groups, with each group eliminating one player before returning on Sunday to do it all again until one player emerges victorious and claims the prize.




Check out the two groups below in preparation for the weekend:



Don't forget to join us on TwitchTV from 1pm Pacific on both Saturday and Sunday for action packed hearthstone as we find out who will be the fourth player to secure their spot in the Season 2 LAN finals and this weeks purse.

See you at the Inn!