All you need to know about the APAC Pro League qualifiers
Sign up today and get ready to play in qualifiers in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia & New Zealand.

The Pro League qualifiers for the four APAC sub-regions: Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia & New Zealand, will begin on February 24th. Once again, eligible teams will be able to compete in their respective open qualifiers. Eight teams from each sub-region will then advance to the Pro League, getting one step closer to the global Season 7 finals.

The competition will start on February 24th in all four regions. Participants will compete in Swiss format for cups with 8 or more teams or Round Robin format for cups with less than 8 teams. Matches will be spread over three weekends (depending on the number of signed teams). The qualifiers are also open for the returning local Pro League teams, and those who maintained at least three players from their original roster will be seeded according to their previous results.

Once the top eight teams from each sub-region are determined, the remaining matches will be played out for favourable seeding in the upcoming Pro League.


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