ESL Premiership Finals: Reason Gaming
ESIC lifts provisional suspension of Reason Gaming

As of the end of week 7 there were concerns raised by the wider community concerning the performance of Reason Gaming and CeX against Radix Esports. ESL UK, as a member of ESIC, asked the Commissioner to investigate these claims and a provisional investigation was launched. Preliminary evidence justified a provisional suspension of Reason Gaming but found no such evidence against CeX.

Due to time frame between the end of the season and the finals at EGX on the 23rd and 24th of September an expedited investigation was launched, which came to a conclusion that ESIC were "satisified that the underperfomance of Reason Gaming was not deliberate as originally alleged". As such ESIC and ESL UK have lifted the suspension of Reason Gaming from the Premiership.

Following on from this decision we have invited Reason Gaming and Radix Esports to compete at the live finals along with Radix as per the group stage finish positions and they will be joined by Cex and Team Endpoint.