ESL Premiership to qualify teams from ESEA's UK Open
ESEA's UK Open system is joining the Path to Pro system

Several weeks ago we announced our new Grassroots initiative for Europe where the top teams from a variety of National Championships would qualify to the Mountain Dew League. Today we are announcing the second part of that as we are splitting the National Open divisions from the European Intermediate/Main League structure.

We have seen that many teams are eager to compete in the National Open divisions as they want to play against their fellow countrymen on local servers with easier match scheduling etc. However, many teams were not able to compete as they were already playing in a higher division of the Pan-European Leagues (such as European Intermediate or Main divisions) or they wanted to compete in the European Open division which boasted more prize money / move up slots than its national equivalent.

We've now solved that by significantly redesigning our League structure to give the UK and Ireland, as well as other European countries a path to The Mountain Dew League via National Championships as well as letting them compete in the Pan-European League which will continue to qualify spots to the Mountain Dew League.

From the end of the next ESEA season, the winner from the UK Open division will qualify directly to the ESL Premiership. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th place teams in the UK Open League will play a relegation match versus the 5th/6th/7th placing teams in the ESL Premiership in order to qualify for the first 2018 season of the Premiership.

This will result in the following structure for the Premiership, assuming teams can retain the majority of their starting roster:

  1. Qualifies for the MDL
  2. Requalifies for the 2018 Premiership
  3. Requalifies for the 2018 Premiership
  4. Requalifies for the 2018 Premiership
  5. Plays in the 2018 Relegation tournament
  6. Plays in the 2018 Relegation tournament
  7. Plays in the 2018 Relegation tournament
  8. Relegated from the Premiership

This is a huge step forward for the Premiership as we look to introduce a direct Path to the Pro League for anyone and try to increase team stability from one season to the next. 


Key differences:

  • UK, German, France, Spain, Poland Open will no longer qualify to ESEA EU Intermediate/Main but instead to a local National championship
  • Teams may now compete in both the National Championships/Open divisions AND the Pan-European ESEA Leagues