ESL Premiership Finals - 4th November
We're back with the League of Legends Autumn finals on November 4th!

That's right, we finally have a date for our League of Legends Premiership finals between Team Singularity and Excel eSports thanks to our partners at Alienware. It'll be coming to your screens on Saturday 4th November from 3pm on twitch.tv/esl_lol.

After a long group stage of games that saw NerdRage sitting top of the pile after 7 weeks we headed over to the NEC in Birmingham at the UK's largest gaming festival in EGX for both semi-finals games. NerdRage kicked off a difficult day against Excel eSports that saw some huge plays from xL's top laner Shikari, picking up a triple kill at Baron in game one before taking down the Nexus.

Game 2 started a rather one-sided affair as nR's Kakan tore through the xL team with his Syndra finishing 7/0/1 and bringing the first semi-final to a game 3. nR chose to not pick Syndra early and that resulted in a ban from xL and pushed him on to LeBlanc but the focus of the game was all around the bot lane.

Hej and Prosfair struggled to deal with the Ashe/Rakan combo from xL but timely ganks from Nutri allowed the nR bot lane to come out slightly ahead. However xL were having none of it and a pick in the top lane on the ADC/Support duo and the resulting kill on Nutri as he tried to steal Baron sealed the finals spot for Excel eSports.

Semi-final 2 saw last season's champions MnM Gaming taking on Team Singularity and they wasted no time in dismantling the new comers, ending up 4 kills ahead by 11 minutes. Keeping up the win game-win lane strategy they cruised to game 1. The second game took a different turn with a relatively even 15 minutes before Team Singularity took it up a gear.

A pair of double kills around the Baron pit for ParisGRE's Vlad and xMatty's Xayah allowed them to take a methodical victory at 38 minutes to set up a final game decider.

The game was even up to the 25 minute mark before a pick on ParisGRE's Syndra, a mid tower and then a triple kill under the inhibitor turret threw MnM into the lead. However this wasn't the end of the story after a huge Syndra ult deleted Zhandia from the map and SNG were able to pick up 3 more kills to even the game up.

The next fight would decide the game and who made it to the finals. A tense stand-off occurred before MnM engaged on to SNG's SezzeR but when the dust finally settled there wasn't a single member of MnM Gaming left alive to stop SNG from easily taking the base.