"Everyone used to destroy us, but it was fun" - Interview with Squared's IGL DAV
Following their outstanding performance up until now, we sat down with Squared's IGL, DAV, for an all around interview! Read more below!

Hello Dav! Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us for this interview.

Hello. Thanks for inviting me here.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself? What’s your name, how old are you? How did you get in touch with the game in the first place?

My name is David Miljanic, my nickname is 'dav' and I'm 26 years old. Well it was a long time ago when I was like 10 years old. A friend invited me at an internet cafe to play video games and we tried Counter-Strike 1.3 at the time and I really loved it so since then I’m actively playing Counter-Strike. Out of game, until we started playing seriously I was working as a basketball coach since I was a basketball player my entire life.

So your life has been all about sports and eSports so far! What do you enjoy the most and what is the biggest difference in your opinion between sports and eSports?

Well yeah, I like Counter-Strike as a game because it’s similar to basketball, everyone has his role in terms of the game, you need teamwork etc. On the other hand, it's competitive as every sport and I really love competition in everything, so that's why Counter-Strike actually made me start playing it seriously. Since eSports have grown a lot the last few years, you can actually make a living from the salaries in eSports so its a huge thing now and we are all trying to bring results and make our dream come true.

Did you want to go pro from the start or was it something that came along? Could you describe in short the course of your career until now?

I started playing casually as every player at the time, because we had no clue that it would be like it is today. I used to play with some guys from an internet cafe and later on they called me to play at a tournament. I gladly accepted. Everyone destroyed us of course, but it was really fun. I started to watch better teams how they play, their communication and teamwork.  All that hype about playing the game, that made me start getting good at it, so I began competing at tournaments in Serbia and after some time I played in one of the best Serbian teams. Here I am now with my team, trying our best in CS:GO to make it work.

You mentioned that you used to watch other teams play a lot, their communication, their plans etc. This role has passed to your coach now I suppose. How important is a coach for the team? All teams in all eSports have progressed to a richer internal structure with coaches, analysts, even psychologists. Is it a necessary step to reach the top?

Yeah. The 6th guy in the game (coach) who is watching from distance everything that's going on in the game can really help a team with a lot of stuff that they can't see at that moment. You can always download your demo and work on mistakes, but with the coach it goes a lot faster. In terms of psychologists in the team, we all saw that Astralis struggled in the finals before and they got their psychologist in the team. Since then they started winning finals, so I guess it is necessary sometimes.

If someone wanted to try to go pro how many hours do you think he’d need to spend on practice every day? No matter how talented he is. Are there any other requirements except from practice and a touch of talent?

Well I always thought that hard work is 90% of success, 9% talent and a bit of luck. So 48 hours per week, like 8 hours a day 6 days a week or so... I think hard work is the key and everyone can play video games you know, you are not limited if u are small, big, fast or so as sports requires.

I'm working hard on my role every day and I think I'm progressing day by day.

You mentioned hard work. Is it only about playing or watching as well? Do you still do video therapy watching other players' streams and tournaments sometimes? In this aspect who is your favorite player?

Playing and watching, both things. Because you will see some stuff from other teams and you can mix it for your team, because you don't have the same type of players in every team. I'm watching every big tournament and learning every day from those matches. Hmm, it's a tough one... I'm impressed with Fer lately, how he creates good space in their games and his game knowledge – game sense is incredible. And Niko of course, he's 1 in a million in every way in terms of game sense and aimwise. I was in a team with him in 1.6 so I had that experience of how easy it is to play with him by your side.

How did you get into your current team? How has it been for you to be in a team with high expectations? Is it hard for you to be constantly under high pressure to perform or is it something that you thrive upon?

Hmm… we all know each other in the Serbian scene, so it was like mixing players in all teams, until we had good chemistry and game knowledge on similar levels. I'm working hard on my role every day and I think I'm progressing day by day. As I said before if you work hard and understand your mistakes and find solutions for the problems, you will improve. I'm satisfied with my own progress for now. Teamwise we are struggling a bit lately, having problems with communication and at the moment we are trying to solve it. When it starts to work we are going to give some good results. For me, there's no pressure because I'm kind of used to it, because I played a lot of basketball games in front of people etc. I'm always excited to play a match.

Adria League Is a competition with high standards and notable teams. What are your expectations from this tournament?

We are doing good at the moment in the league, we have 4 wins 1 loss, so we are first in the group stage. Our goal is to play at the LAN finals. We are going to do everything to make it happen. We are going to brake fingers if needed (laughs).

You are sitting on the first place of the group stage so far with only 1 loss against Binary Dragons. Who do you think is the most fearsome opponent for you? Will it be hard to stay in the first place?

Yes! They are the most fearsome team in the league for everybody. We lost all last 3 matches against them. They are showing some really good CS. I just hope that we are going to make a step forward in our game, so we can surprise them on LAN.

According to statistics Inferno is the most successful map for you in the Adria League so far? Which map is your favorite personally and as a team?

Yes, we really like to play Inferno. All roles are playing good on Inferno, so it’s really strong for us when we play our game.  Hmm… I don't really have a favorite one, but I like Train and Inferno the most.  As a team it's Inferno and Cobblestone.

The CS:GO scene is a really active scene. We have new teams forming up quite often, active fans with high expectations and many minor and major tournaments with huge prize pools. Moreover we have a powerful eSports industry growing with billions of dollars at stake circulating among amongst players, teams, sponsors etc.  What’s your opinion on the global eSports scene and the CS:GO scene as a part of the greater whole?

Every month many new tournaments and cups show up with many great prices. A few of those cups aren’t that important, but there are always some new organizations that host tournaments and of course these big tournaments every year are making it more huge moneywise. We can see some serious sponsors like AUDI, sport teams and huge organizations joining the eSports scene. So I think it will just grow more and more.

Last question for you! With all that money and fame where do you want to find yourself in a few years from now? Do you think that eSports and CS:GO is a place to stay? If yes is it about playing the game you love, is it about money or fame? What drives you to put all your time and effort?

I hope I'm going to make it and find my place in CS. I feel that I can play top CS and I’m working hard to make it happen. I don't know how that will turn up, but my goal is to reach the top. I don't think that it’s possible for someone to reach the top at something if he doesn’t love it, so of course I love it. On the other hand I really like to travel and CS can provide salary, travellig and fame. I think everyone loves that, so the answer is all of it makes me to put effort in getting better day by day.

Written by Dimitris Kolovos