Behind the Scenes: TechPriest
The Vip Adria League has already started, with the Open Qualifiers being well behind us and the group stage is currently running, which means that some people right now are behind the scenes making everything work.

Despite the fact that to some people the idea of bringing people to play together, even on an online basis, might sound easy, the truth couldn’t be further away. There is an incredible amount of stuff that need to be taken care of, before even starting to invite people to play in your League. In this series I’ll try to explore and see what people that work for the Vip Adria League do on their day-to-day tasks and how it really looks like to be a part of the eSports industry.

TechPriest, who is the assistant League Operations Manager for the Vip Adria League decided to be my first… victim in this series of articles. So, if you are interested in joining an eSports event League Ops team, have a look at what Petar has to say.

Hello Petar! Thank you for being with us today and for agreeing to speak about what you do! To start off with, give us a short intro about yourself.

Hello my name is Petar ''Techpriest'' Djordjevic (Georgevich pronounced) and I am coming from Serbia, the city of Niš in the south part of the country.

I was born 25 years ago during the civil war when Yugoslavia was split into 6 countries. My gaming "career" started at the age of 14 when I installed and started playing the game called Warcraft III the Frozen Throne which is the only game I play even today. I became ESL admin on 28 of september in 2009 and soon it will be my 8 years Admin anniversary. Also, I am student of law pursuing my career in academic circles (PhD course in the field of History of Law as a subject of research).

“...at the end of the day we put those negative things to bed and conclude everything as a team.”

Being an admin for 8 years is quite an accomplishment, so congratulations! What made you join ESL on the first place?

When I realized that I will never become progamer or something on high level, during my school years I've decided to try and be an organizer/admin. I organized few offline cups and events, and I also participated as an admin in WCG 2008/09 national qualifications in Serbia, Belgrade.

In the Fall of 2009 I've submited my Admin application to then MLA of ESL WC3 division called Tequila, and then was accepted to work under MuehliMan - an Austrian PhD Chemist who was involved in ESL back in the days.

Since then I never stop admining. I enjoyed helping the community and everything I expceted and wrote in my first admin application was kept up to this date.

After 8 years of being an admin you decided to switch to a completely different project, that of Vip Adria League. What was the reason?

I heard that VIP Adria League is ongoing project within ESL, so I've decided to contact someone who is in charge of this project, because it took place in my country and I wanted to be a part of it because the summer of 2017 was free for me and I wanted to get involved more.

First person that I reached to is Vasilis Kalfountzos who I met in DotA 2 section few years ago, he suggest me to contact Gabu - CM for Adria and PM for VIP Adria League and I did. I sent my official resume to the Project’s manager, Gabor Tota, and he contacted me few weeks later, giving me the position of Assistant League Operations in VIP Adria League.

Fair enough! So, what do you do on a daily basis?

My day to day tasks is to ensure that things go smoothly. First of all, during qualifiers we had to create everything on ESL play site. Structure, seedings, answer on tickets, help teams with registrations, etc. basically the normal Admin work on ESL. However, for VIP Adria apart from that, we also had to do more things. Make tons of documents about teams, their managers, players, register event on RIOT and create accounts for Tournament Realm.

Sometimes it gets stressfull, we have technical problems, problems with internal communication, but at the end of the day we put those negative things to bed and conclude everything as a team. I have to say that I am not alone in this job, in League operations there are 4 of us who work on these things.

Before the scheduled matches we have a week to prepare everything and to communicate with the teams in order to make everything according to the rules and to make things easier for production and teams. We are also mediating between them and we are trying to start matches as scheduled.

"So the plan is simple - stand united with the Community and help everyone achieve something in their eSports career."

Apart from Vip Adria League you are also the Country Head for Adria now. The section was closed for quite some time, and now you are tasked with revamping it. What are your plans?

Yes, the section was closed because of not-that active team of admins. The section was fully inactive until VIP Adria League was introduced. We had a staff meeting with our CM and our TE Regional SEE manager and they decided to give me the opportunity to work on this project and try to renew Adria on ESL play.

My plans for now is to use advertisement we got during VIP Adria League and continue regular series of Cups and Tournaments on ESL play. Also, I would like to add more games into ESL play such as Hearthstone, DotA2, Rocket League etc., all based on the activity of the players. We opened ESL Play adria few days ago with some cups for Hearthstone which had more than 50 players and FIFA.

My plans are based on the ''will of the community'' I am totally opened for any kind of advices and cooperation with all eSports organizations and individuals, so if anyone is interested to contact ESL Adria play they are free to contact me directly at techpriest@staff.eslgaming.com or if they are interested to get involved they can also open an admin application on our site.

Let me give you an example of our upcoming projects. In League of Legends we are planing to organize Shuffle Tournaments where players can sign up individually, and then one day before the cup we'll run a ''pull-out-of-hat'', where player names will be picked to form random teams based on their divisions. We think that this project will connect players and unite the LoL community in Adria since we have lots of strong and talented individuals.

Also, our CM gave us some numbers he is expecting us to reach by the end of the year and by now we are on good path to reach them and go even beyond the expectations.  

So the plan is simple - stand united with the Community and help everyone achieve something in their eSports career.

The plan sounds solid and I personally wish you best of luck! Give us a closing statement for those who would like to jump into the backstage and help eSports from there. What’s your advice?

There is a place for anyone who is willing to help eSports, the only thing required is love for it! 

There are many eSport organisations, but ESL is surely the best way to start as volunteer and advance career. ESL gives you the opportunity to work with everyone in this community; also, there is a chance to work with professional teams, production managers, hosts etc.

So my advice is love eSports and join the Community. All of us here are people from the community and we work for the Community!