Interview with x25's manager: Djordje "Spale" Spasic
Esports players are right in the center. They get cheering for the wins, blaming for the loses. However, behind every successful team, in the most scenarios, there are people that are offering their energy and hard work, in order to make the team perform better, become stronger. One of these faces at the background, is the coach. And it happens to be one of the most valuable. Lets “jump in” to find more about x25’s man behind the curtain.

"Spale": We want to prove to the Balkan scene that we are one of the best teams

His goal is not only to lead his team as high as possible but also to prove that it’s the best in the Balkans. His name is Djordje "Spale" Spasic and he’s the coach of the x25 Esports, a Serbian team that, together with KlikTech, have dominated the Andria League so far. Spale is part of the team since last May. In the past, he was also coach/manager for ASUS RoG Elite, during the second season of the Fortuna Champions Series. What did he tell us about the team? What’s his opinion about the meta and the changes that the recent patch brought?

-Djordje, what we should know about x25 Esports?

“The organization x25 Esports was born in 2012. The League of Legends team was created about one year ago. We are, for three seasons now, at the third place in Fortuna Championship series, at the second place at PlayIT festival in Belgrade, at the first place at GamingChallenge 2017. Also, we qualified for the top 4 in BalkanTubeFest but that has not concluded yet. We reached the semifinals at LSL (Efrag league) and we have won a lot of Go4lols on EuW and EuNe. Recently, we also took the third place at the Balkan tournament, LanMasters which took place in Athens”.

-Right now, x25 also play in Vip Adria League. Can you evaluate the performance of the team so far?

“When Vip Adria League started we had problems with the form of the team, but until now, we managed to be first with 6-0 record (note, the interview was conducted before week 4 was concluded). I think that we are finding our form from bootcamp step by step and when we need it the most, we will be on top and we will play the best”.

-The form depends on the practice? The team needs more practice to play in its top level?

Yes, exactly. Our form depends on the practice. Last month was difficult because our players had school or university. So, we had practice late at night, they were tired and they couldn’t stay focused very well. Now it’s better. This month, we can practice at normal time and bring our form back for the most important matches. You know… It’s hard to make everything works well and the players must know what are their priorities, school and games”.

-You have won 3 out of 3 games. Which is the secret of the success?

“The secret of the success is that we practice more than the others teams. We also prepare better for the games. I think that we take more serious these games and this League, Adria League. Maybe I’m wrong but the time will show”.

 I’m making the schedule for the players, arranging scrims, draft phase, planning tactics, inspect enemy before league game, analyzing scrims, giving advices to players, helping them to overcome problems in game and out of it.

Will x25 Esports claim the title of Adria League?

“We are aiming on it. We will see”.

-What is the coach’s work at a LoL team? Are there particular duties that he needs to do?

“I’m doing almost everything. I’m making the schedule for the players, arranging scrims, draft phase, planning tactics, inspect enemy before league game, analyzing scrims, giving advices to players, helping them to overcome problems in game and out of it. Because it’s a lot of work, we hired an analyst. Since she came everything is easier, and players are feeling motivated cause there is one more person to help them to become better”.

-Talking about the analyst, you are probably referring to Georgia “Troubleinc” Paras. How important is an analyst for a team and especially your team?

“Yes, she works as an analyst. It is much easier when you have someone next to the players with game knowledge to discuss about some situations. In our region, there are lots of teams without coach, so analysts are a rare thing in Serbia. If I’m right only we and KlikTech have both coach and analyst. In general, every team is supposed to have also coach and analyst. It helps to improve and overcome some ingame problems”.

x25 Esports vs Sigurno Sigurno - Game 1 - Group Stage [W3D1] - Watch Live at ESL LoL SEE-At your games, until now, we have seen both teamfight-oriented compositions and siege compositions. Taking into consideration the patch changes, will you continue in this mixed style?

“We are a team which can play everything. We can adapt to any meta, we have big champion pool on every position so we haven’t shown what we are able to do yet. We are heating up slowly. You can expect the unexpected”.

-You referred to the meta. How important is meta for the game?

“It’s really important. There are a lot of strong champions in the game, but everyone is supposed to copy pro teams, mostly Koreans, and not acting smart, just because they are – so called - gods of eSports, especially league of legends. However, as far as regional leagues are concerned, you can sometimes play comfort pics even if they are not in meta.

-How meta affects the game?

“Meta affects the game a lot. A few months ago, he had ap supports meta, now we have ardent supports, that are playing around hyper carries. So, these kinds of things change a lot the priorities in the game. Around which lane will you play and which things”.

-There are lots of players who say that in this moment, at this state of the meta, ADCs have the first role and the second role goes to the midlaners. What do you believe? Is it true?

“Bottom lane is for sure the most important lane. I wouldn’t say only ADC, but also support has big impact on the game. Every role is important. I mean, it’s like a big puzzle and if everything comes on its place your team will win. If you have, for example, a tank jungler or tank top, they have to peel very well for your ADC, with support’s help, protecting the ADC so he can do enough damage to the enemy team. Every role is really important but bottom lane has the biggest impact in current meta”.

-At the current meta, what's most important? The items or the strategy?

“I think everything is important. It Is like a puzzle in which you need to combine the pieces correctly. A combination that brings you the best result. You must have good combinations of items, such as to combine ardent support and peel jungler with knights wow. You have to use everything what is given to you in the current meta. We are not masterminds; we just use things which Korean masterminds have tested”.

- What is your opinion about the new Evelynn? Will we see her at Adria League?

“The Patch 7.20 is very interesting. I think Evelynn and Orn will be interesting to play and also watch. We will see both of them at the championship, maybe from the fifth week”.

- What do you say to your team before every game?

“I say to them mainly do what we have done in practice and if everything goes wrong, try to focus on their win condition and try to think how we overcome specific situations and get out as winners”.

-What can we expect for the future from x25 Esports?

“First of all, we are focusing at every game separately, step by step. Until the end of the year we have big plans. We want to prove to the Balkan scene that we are one of the best teams”.

You can watch X25's next game this Friday against ASUS RoG ELITE here.

Written by Maria kroustali