The Ardent Censer king - Thoughts of an editor
We are only a step away from Week #6 and with the Group Stage heading to its conclusion we also came to some concluding thoughts of our own. Read more below!

The King “Ardent Censer”

A lot of weeks have ended. A lot of different teams have emerged victorious or have fallen giving up a good fight. Maybe also the climate has changed a bit as we are slowly walking towards winter. Despite all though, the ardent censer is here and is dominating the botlane. In most scenarios, teams that stepped away from picking an ardent support experienced heavy losses. This particular item offers a good amount of early game protection and, stepping into mid-game, this segment of the game that dictates who would probably win, provides a significant amount of peel to the ADC. The ardent meta also changed the summoner spells order in the botlane, forcing the ADC on replacing heal for barrier and supports’ exhaust for heal. Thankfully, there are some changes that may balance the meta.  

Early game presence 

After week 2 of the VIP Adria League, we are observing more and more teams, turning their attention to the side of early game junglers. Tanks are struggling to have a good impact in the early game as their jungle clear is slow-paced, thus giving a good opportunity to early game oriented junglers to shine. KhaZix, Lee Sin, Elise and others made their appearance into the rift, having a great impact, being proactive, especially with their solo laners. That kind of advantage translates into a strong mid-game, the state of the game, that as we previously discussed, is the most important in this meta.

Closing out games

The meta indicates that whoever is stronger when stepping into the mid-game, will probably acquire the W. Nonetheless if we take a closer look at these past weeks, we could say that this is not truly the case. A significant number of teams seem to have issues in closing out the games when being in the driver’s seat. These issues give up ground and especially the opportunity to the enemy team, to stall, become stronger and eventually bounce back, turning the table around. The macro management and shot-calling are believed to be the key factors. Proactive calls need to be made, in order to force the enemy team into one more mistake, before the late game. Stepping into late game, everything is hanged by a thread, and that thread is a single team fight that could cost a dominant early game, followed by a decent mid game. 

The top table

Being just a few steps away from the group stage conclusion, there are a handful of teams that seem to have developed a higher speed, aiming for the first place. KlikTech, x25 esports and BonTech showed up last weeks, converting the battle for the first place, into a three or four teams’ affair. Every scenario that contains these four teams is still open, thus making the upcoming match weeks even more interesting to watch. 

Written by Kostas Soropoulos